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At Spot On Cleaning & Workforce Solutions, we are proud to offer a broad range of cleaning services.


First impression matters. A clean workplace reflects professionalism in the our business. Having clean and safe work environment, promotes positive morale, healthier and more productive workforce. We provide our clients with a full services customized to your requirements. Our experienced in maintenance cleaning makes us prepared for various types of workplace and businesses.


There is nothing better than coming home to a fresh and clean house and not having to lift a finger. Spend time on the things you love and let the cleaning professionals take care of the house cleaning work. We take pride and strive on being a reputable and trustworthy cleaning company.

Post Construction

Post constructions and renovations are messy affairs. Often times scattered clutters and debris leftover from workers and materials used in the process. We have the expertise in intensive cleaning of hard floors, natural stone finishes, stains and delicate fixtures to ensure that your building is not just clean, but also is in good working condition.

Dry Cleaning

Why face the hassle when you can have an affordable dry cleaning service in the GTA? At Spot On Cleaning we offer free pick up and delivery. We ensure that all of your garments are meticulously cleaned with outmost care and returned to you in pristine condition. 

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